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Is Lack of Communication Causing Problems in Your Marriage?

While communication problems in marriage have been discussed here before, the fact remains that lack of communication continues to be a very common problem. In fact, marriage counselors say that lack of marriage communication skills are the root cause of many other issues in a troubled marriage.

Many times a couple may feel that constant conflict is the reason their marriage is failing,. Many times the fact is that they don’t know how to communicate effectively and because of this they can’t resolve the issue or issues that cause the conflict. When this is the case, often it is the same one or two issues that continually cause a vicious cycle of disagreements and arguments.

A common scenario is “the issue” is mentioned. Then instead of trying to find a solution by talking things through, the talk quickly turns defensive and filled with criticism, often accompanied by finger pointing and name calling. This attempt at communication is destined to fail, as no one responds well to being criticized or being called dreadful names.

While it may feel, to the couple, like they are constantly disagreeing about everything, in reality they have never resolved the one thing. The only way any issue can be resolved is through being able to have respectful, honest communication.

If a couple is willing to learn to communicate effectively and then apply what they learn, most problems will become easy to resolve. Now this is not to say that you will never disagree, because you will.

The difference will be evident once you have better communication skills. Disagreements will be less likely to turn ugly. The two of you will be more likely to be able to compromise and negotiate to find a solution that you both can feel good about.

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