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Can a Marriage Survive Without Trust?

So the question on your mind is “can a marriage survive without trust?”

TRUST: having confidence or faith in

Well, my dictionary defines trust as “having confidence or faith in”.

If you don’t have confidence or faith that your spouse will do what they say and will treat both you and your relationship with respect and honesty there is very little substance to the marriage.

I really don’t see how anyone could expect a relationship of any sort, but especially a marriage to survive if trust is missing.

A Marriage Without Trust Can’t Survive
While the bad news might be “no”, without trust a marriage can’t survive, the good news is that trust can be regained. It’s difficult and takes a good deal of time, but it is doable if you are determined.

Trust is Hard to Regain
The funny thing about trust is how easily we give it initially. It generally doesn’t take people long to decide whether or not they feel they can trust someone.

Trust is maintained by being honest and doing what you say you will do, in other words by being trustworthy.

However, no matter how quickly we trust someone at first once that trust is betrayed, regaining it it hard.

What to do Once Trust is Broken
Once someone lies to you or behaves in ways that are not consistent with what they say, doubt creeps in about whether or not that person is trustworthy.

You begin to hold back and your relationship with the person is affected in a negative way. If the person you no longer fully trust is a friend, you may be able to continue the friendship on a different level.

If the person who has made you doubt your trust in them is your spouse your emotions may run from disbelief to downright anger, but since a marriage requires 100% commitment, you cannot continue the marriage on a different level. Your options with your marriage are to end the relationship or begin the process of forgiveness and rebuilding trust.

Keep reading to learn more about forgiving your spouse or trying to regain the lost trust.